Are tax-free bonds listing in zerodha?

I heard about tax free bonds. Are zerodha offering those?
Are State development Loan Bonds, T-bills tax free?

SDL and T-Bills are not tax free.

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We do offer Tax-free bonds, Currently, no corporate bonds are open for sale.

You can track the list of bonds being offered by visiting Coin by Zerodha


REC bond
NHAI bond
PFC bond
IRFC bond

These are the current tax free bond issuer to save on Capital Gains on property sale.

Disc: Do check on the respective website as things could have changed.


Tax free bonds like

can be brought offline with the help of agents/brokers approved by respective bond assurer.
Good news is that you can specify DMAT account linked with Zerodha to deliver those bonds.

(Not so) Bad news is that Zerodha cosnol is designed in such a way that it will keep displaying those bonds as discrepancy like

you cant fix this discrepancy manually. You can add details only when it is available for trading. As I understand capital gain tax saving bonds cant be traded, effectively you cant see, cant edit the details other than quantity on Zerodha console. You have to log in to CSDL account to check details.