Are the Trade files from Exchanges delayed?

I came across a post by @VenuMadhav which mentioned that Contract Notes are generated from trade files shared by the exchanges -

A few months back, Contract Notes used to be delivered by around 5-6 AM. But in the past few weeks, I have noticed that Contract Notes are being delivered at differing times. For reference, a screenshot of the delivery time for contract notes from the past few weeks -

Also, I came across an old bulletin which mentioned the delay in receiving trade files from the exchange as a reason for contract notes delivery being affected -

Due to a delay in receiving trade files from the exchange, delivery of contract notes for trades made today will take longer than usual.

I wanted to ask, is the change in Contract Note delivery timing happening because the exchanges are not sharing trade files by 4:30 PM (as mentioned by @Nithin in a different thread), or has something else changed?

Yeah, one of the reasons is delay form exchange but anyhow we are changing our process so that the contract notes are reached on time.

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