Are there any commodity day traders i need some advise?

What is the best time for trading in commodity market morning, afternoon or night?

any particular commodity i should be interested in i usually trade in zincmini, crudeoil leadmini & copper?

how many trades do you guys normally take in a day i end up taking 3 4 if i lose in the beginning to make up the losses otherwise only 1 or 2

What got you through the tough time while starting out?

i would really appreciate your advise

After struggling for several years in commodity . I assimilated this information.

  1. Stay away from Agri commodities.
  2. Try to emphasize mostly on evening session from. 5 pm since currency market also has it’s impact on commodities.Due to rupee fluctuations.
  3. Never use margin in commodity try to trade completely on cash . Suppose you have 50k in any case don’t take position larger than that this will work gradually in your favour. And still you can make at least in crude mini.Though ideal capital would be like 3 lakh.