Are there any Indian stocks working in same segment like NVIDIA?

Nvidia became stock of the year

Can some1 share list of stocks working in this segment ?? Thnx

Cyient and HCL have businesses in Silicon IP soft and hard. There are many unlisted private companies which are really successful IP providers. Infosys recently bought a silicon IP provider - doesn’t mean Infosys gets huge market gain (only means entering into semiconductor business and gains take time).

Semi conductor stocks are cyclical in nature and heavily margin dependent in revenue.

Custom ASICs was a fab back in covid time , and now everyone cutting down costs so no one really wants to venture into custom ASICs. This is a kind of plus point to NVIDIA because they do a lot of AI accelerated compute (be it in GPU or by doing 16bit registers and arithmetic for machine learning code acceleration) and can spend money on research for the next generation fabrics.

Many of Startups, service based companies (the above ones) and private sector IP vendors in India are into custom ASICs or may be helping NVIDIA or other such likes by means of Resources (contract employees).

Today there’s a lot of hype in machine learning but most of the products right now are oriented towards media (text to video), or for lazy people (chatgpt instead of reading a right article or grasping an overall understand). The real use cases are still far beyond. There may be a disruption in how media gets served (aka artificially created content destroying influencers, news channels etc) but may be a right thing or right direction is already present when it comes to medicine research and geology which shows no appearance in the media.

I have no opinion on those above companies when it comes to buy or sell- only my personal views .