Are we heading towards a Bear Market?

With the recent crash in global markets & Indian markets traders and investors are in dilemma:
1# Is this a normal correction which has ended ? Or
2# Are we heading for an intermediate downtrend ? Or
3# Is this a start of bear market ?

All types of opinions will be appreciated. Traders who know Technical Analysis please add their valuable comments.

What is the definition of bear market?

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BEAR Market means: When mkt erases 20% of its Long Term Gain. I think the uptrend started in 2009.

i think it Cooling down of an Overheated /Over valued market which is good

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Fine. Then we are nowhere near that levels.

Investors via stocks- have to decide on valuations individually.
via MFs keep on adding more, sip or bulk.

Traders - would have to take decision based on their charts - short term or medium term.


The question is – What should be the strategy as a Trader – Buy on dips Or Sell on rise?

You are the one risking money. You should have your strategy


This is what I call straight forward Answer.
Directly to the Point.
No If No But :joy: :pray:


It all depends on your take on markets -
short-term, medium-term or intraday etc…
You will get your own strategy, once you seek answers to the above such questions.

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So intraday strategy was Buy On Dips today and made some profit by Scalping 10 times in NF. 8 times Long + 2 times Short, all with 20 Pts Stop-Loss.
Thanks @rj07 and @Vasant_Patil @Lets_Invest


That’s wonderful, if you had taken all the trades with a strategy of your own.

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First of all congratulations :+1:
It’s Very good return. :pray:

Why you saying Thanks to me?

  1. It’s your Money.
  2. You took the decision of Risk & Reward.
  3. It’s your own stratergy
  4. It was you who was alert during trade.

I m a complete noon. Although gone through zerodha varsity TA complete. Can u help me start with a decent strategy?

Moving average cross over is good strategy to start with. It has its own pros and cons, like every other strategy.
Positional trades could be considered, instead of day trading.

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Why thank me? You did it yourself. Cheers!

Tip: Every week or 15 days, analyse your trades and your mental structure towards the market. You will be surprised.

Don’t look to double your account. Learn how the market works.

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We will come to know only after the bears have shown and had their cake.

bro is it possible to share your chart/intra-day setup pls? thanks.

Using ema crossover strategy for some time. Yet it also gives false signals many times.

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The currency markets are quite difficult to predict but the good thing is that you can take profit from both bullish and bearish trends. So you need to focus on the trend for your trades in order to get the success on these markets. Do you people agree with me?