Are Zerodha employees permitted to trade in stocks & F&O?

  1. Are Zerodha employees allowed to trade in direct equities?
  2. Are Zerodha employees allowed to trade in F&O?

If no, why not?

Yeah, Investing kinds is allowed.

Unofficial rule for broker employees to not trade in fno from refulators. Also a HR rule as trading fno means active time should be dedicated thus may not able to concentrate on work.


Generally what policies brokerage firms employ to prevent conflict of interests for both trading by their employees and prop trading. Just general industry standard.

@siva is positional trading (1 month to 1 year+) in stocks allowed for Zerodha employees ?

Yeah, it is but if there are more transactions we need to give answers.


I am told that similar rules apply for cnbc tv employees. Few months back one of the hindi business news channel host was sacked because he used to leak information and his family members were buying / selling based on his inputs. I think its sebi rules

@neha1101 That is an entirely different matter of front running.

I found Employee Code of Conduct / Trading policies for few listed brokers and wealth management firms -