Articles and videos for bears

Although I’m personally a perma-bull, it is important to know what the bears are thinking. As they say, keep your friends close and enemies closer JK :smiley:

Here’s a thread where we can share all the interesting articles / videos / takes from bears point of view.


Bulls or bears also depend on the time frame we are looking at. If we stretch the tenure, I think it will be bulls who win. Of course, the tenure is not the same for all of us, it varies from person to person.

I am in for short and long terms, so I am both :ox: :bear:

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Why deleted the post?

And the returns will decrease as the economy and the market matures. It may take some more years for our market.

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It was only related to India and macro markets like india also was not relevant to thread i fealt

It helps to know any kind of information, perspective even if it has less relevance.

The all time bear of Indian markets, Shankar Sharma, is making bullish tweets these days.
It is said that when the last bear turns bull, it’s time to worry.
Will this logic work this time?