As far as value investing is concerned, can we say that the scrips making all time LOWS are the best bets?

Do not think that scrip making lows are only because of some profit booking , you will loose your valuable capital if you go by this theory , watchout for Haveels , scrip is down 12% in two days, it is not because of profit booking but because the management has lowered its earning guidance for the current year and also because the 10 YEAR BOND YIELD has fallen from 8.40 to somewhere around 7.85 and by this company pension liability has increase and there by effecting its profitibility, i hope you understand what i am trying to say!


Not always true. When you are investing in stocks based on value you should always check for its intrinsic value. A stock could be making a 52 week low but if it is still far higher than its intrinsic value, then it cannot be considered a value buy.


thanks Nishant. Honestly, I am taking baby steps in the field of fundamental analysis. I have started reading about value investing first. So this doubt came to my mind.

thanks Karthik, when u have the time, can u explain meaning of intrinsic value in this context pls?

Here you go - :slight_smile:

@Karthik, thanks a lot for the link.