As i am going through varsity materials, I am currently in the technical analysis module 2. I have an idea for day trading only. Do i need to go through all the modeules in order to day trade?

I am a graphic designer. i am used to softwares but i lack knowledge in finance and stock trading. varsity provides me a lot of information abt stock trading and finance. for day trading priority of the modules?

The more knowledge you gain the better. Even though you may not chose fundamental analysis as your trading style, but go through it at least once. Gain knowledge about Risk to Reward ratio, draw-down, hedging. These are the terms that technical analysis alone cannot not teach you. So learn as much as you can.

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It would be better for you if you complete all the modules before you start trading.

Even then, do extensive paper-trading before deploying huge sums in the market.

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Thank you sir.

thank u sir.

for intraday technical analysis woud be enough… but more knowledge is always better… watch marketgurukul videos on youtube it will defnately help you alot.