As per the investing am i going to visit company or not?

If we are thinking of investing in any company, then to know about that company, it is important to talk to the people of that company and see the company by self?

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I guess you are new to markets, you can start from varsity here to understand more about markets. As a retailer we don’t get a chance to talk directly with people and visit the company, possible for institutions/super rich etc.

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Get hold of some relatives who are in stock market already.
Also what business your family is in?

Yes, your point is very valid. It is important to talk to the people of the company and see the company. However, as a Retail Investor, we are at a disadvantage because of our small holdings, we will not get an opportunity to talk to the management of the company. But I have seen various interviews of Saurabh Mukherjea, of Marcellus Investment Managers. Mohnish Pabrai, having one to one meeting with the management. (these are big investors of course)

Six months back most of the analyst and experts were bashing ITC as a big wealth destructor. One of the shareholder had written a blog and it went viral. If possible read it, it was scathing on ITC. After reading it, I had few doubts and I wrote to their email at “Investor Services”, you will not believe, I got a reply from ITC regarding my query. I wrote very recently to Infosys on their buy back - They too replied. So it is not that they do not reply, professionally managed company will reply.

At the same time, we retail investor should understand that if they keep talking and meeting us then there wont be time for them to do their business. It is practically not possible to meet all. Then again there is the annual general body meeting where the management interacts with the shareholders - this is also one way of communication. If you attend, I am sure you can ask questions.

Your thought process is right. One day, I am sure you will be a someone like Mohnish Pabrai or a Saurab Mukerjea and then all the companies will be standing in line to invite you to their company.

Take care my friend. Keep posting.


Absolutely you are :wink: