ASBA facility for secondary market

ASBA for secondary market launched from today.

It’s very fruitful and revolutionary for investors.

When will zerodha have this facility ?
And what is expected timeline and any process to get this facility.

@ShubhS9 @nithin
Please throw some light on it

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I think it will take a couple of months before all our customers can access this option. By the way, there are a couple of things to know, this is currently possible only for equity segment trades. Once you shift to this mode, you can’t do any F&O trades. This will probably take some time to change.


Great to know it will be available very soon.

It would be very helpful to equity traders, trading with big capital but currently limit would be less , let’s see how it works

It reduces broker’s float income. In turn brokers will turn into cross selling of other products for revenue.

I don’t know zerodha. But brokers like Angel, hadfc, ICICI nearly 20% to 30% revenue which comes through float income will be impacted

The present upstreaming, downstreaming system was good enough to avoid defaults and fund misuse.

So I don’t think this system is good.

How will broker collect charges like brokerage, do chargers etc.

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Any update on the beta test Nithin sir.Hope the settlement is smooth in this new process.

This is still in works. There’s confusion around collection of charges which brokers have brought up with the regulator. Once there’s some clarity, we should be able to announce this for select users. to test.

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Any tentative timeline that it would be live.
And it would be UPI only or we can do same like IPO asba application via net banking type?

If you enable yourself for ASBA based trading, you will no longer be transferring/receiving funds to/from your broker similar to IPOs. Transactions will be settled directly with the CC (unless there’s a devolvement to the broker). We should be able to roll this out in the near future - hard to put a specific timeline. We’re awaiting clarification from the MIIs too. But we should be amongst the first ones to offer this to clients. :slight_smile:


Ok .