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Hello! We are Tickertape, your one-stop platform for all the stock analysis you need to make smart investment decisions.

So, what are the various stock analysis tools you can use on Tickertape?

  1. Screener

  2. Stock Page

  3. Market Mood Index (MMI)

  4. Learn

And what can you do with these tools?


Our intuitive Screener is easy, simple to use, and customisable. Apart from using readymade screens: Basic, Premium, and F&O that filter stocks based on various parameters such as sector, income, financial ratio, market cap, quick cash conversions cycle, 52 lows, and close price, you can also create your own screens using over 130 filters, each of which has a range you can tinker.

Stock Pages

Once you customise your screener to sort stocks based on specific parameters, you can delve deeper and assess individual stocks in the Stock Page by simply clicking on your chosen stock. With our Stock Page, you can access exhaustive information about a stock and evaluate its performance based on analyst’s buy rating, key drivers, and other areas that matter to you. Here, you can access the price chart, company profile, forecast and ratings, peers, and financial trends, and news of a stock.

Market Mood Index

Market Mood Index indicates the market/investor’s sentiment and has four emotional zones: extreme fear, fear, greed and extreme greed. Looking at the market sentiment and analysing historical data helps your strategise your enter and exit times.


Finally, in the Learn section, learn or brush up your knowledge of stock investing.

The Learn page is a treasure trove of rich information that gives insights into various modules covering topics such as Elementary Economics, Equity Markets, Investing in portfolios and evaluating stocks.

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Great service. I was wondering how often are pages within the Stock page updated. Data points like Recos, Stock forecasts, Financial information, etc?

Hi Saurav,

Recommendations and stock forecasts are updated as and when analysts update it. Financial information is updated annually.


Why is there no ROCE ratio in your screener ?

Hi Japree,

We are working on adding ROCE soon.

For now you can use our custom filter option to create a formula for ROCE. Attaching the formula for your perusal.

Where can I find the following parameters if available

  1. Last three years CAGR sales growth rate is more than say 10%
  2. Last three years CAGR profit growth rate is more than say 12%
  3. 3 year return of stock price


Where is JSW on the acquisition of Bhushan Power?

What orders did NCLT/NCLAT/CESTAT give?

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