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If we trade index options and earn 40k per month should we pay tax… Not investment related only trading of we do

who’s on the other side? And your plans for future. When we will get a NFO from zerodha AMC. tentative dates


When is Zerodha NFO coming? :grin:



This reminds of the recent book on Renaissance Technologies and Jim Simmons- The Man Who Solved the Market. There’s an interesting passage in the book:

Over time, Simons came to the conclusion that the losers probably weren’t those who trade infrequently, such as buy-and-hold individual investors, or even the “treasurer of a multinational corporation,” who adjusts her portfolio of foreign currencies every once in a while to suit her company’s needs, as Simons told his investors.

Instead, it seemed Renaissance was exploiting the foibles and faults of fellow speculators, both big and small.

The manager of a global hedge fund is guessing on a frequent basis the direction of the French bond market may be a more exploitable participant,” Simons said.

It’s hard to figure who. It could anyone from a newbie to a professional PMS, LIC or even EPFO : )

Will take some time. We just go our in-principle approval, there’s a final approval and our first fund comes after that.


If you bribe @nithin he just might tell you :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh man! :joy:

Hi recently there was a circular from Sebi regarding 50% compulsory needs to come as cash. Is that cash or cash components?


Is there any chance we can buy Overnight OTM position In future??


Hopefully sooner than later. Getting an AMC license is among the toughest licenses to get in the country and it takes time. While we have in-principal approval, we are yet to get the final approval.


Cash or cash equivalents. If you are trading at Zerodha, nothing changes for you. If you are trading at other brokers, they will all probably adjust to the way we operate.


Thanks boss! This saved me the bribe : will invest the bribe amount in market :smiley:


Is the P and L statement given by Zerodha, STCG, LTCG and all transactions are shown. Does these entries tallies with AIS generated in income tax site? I think it is not tallying. Kindly check and inform. If it is not tallying with AIS, how to reconcile it? We calculate tax based on the STCG, LTCG shown by zerodha P and L.

Recently I read about Volatility cone on Varsity, to know about the costliness of a strike by comparing it to historical Volatility. Can you please tell any tools to get these?

For tax calculation from trading income, does the charges gets deducted from the profits or not?

is there any timing pattern in FII trades, like do they start actively punching orders from 9.15 itself or do they mainly operate post opening of European markets 1.30pm ist ?


What does foreigh ETF eg Motilal oswal Nasdaq 100 ETF do with the dividends from US companies in its portfolio?
Who all pay tax. Is there double tax?

I want to get historical data on second by second
stock price,
20 deep market depth data,
option chain details vol price including the Greeks
As a parsable database.
How can download it for my machine learning side project for the cheapest cost.
I see this data is very expensive to buy from NSE. Is there a cheap way? I don’t know. Why is NSE not opening up this data.
Is it to help institutional investors with deep pockets or to hide system errors in NSEs side from public.
Don’t you think it’s the interest of market to open source these data.

When will u ppl gv the direct option chain instead of the third party option chain sensibull placing orders through their option chain is costing the slippages of delay in execution