Aspiring question inside

Everybody wants to become rakesh jhunjunwala atleast many..RJ is approaching with a PE style of i know at his begining stages he made nice big bucks and invested them wisely...what are the ways to do so to invest? in exchange traded stock OR un listed?need expert advice.i have seen aggresive trader but not aggresive investor who is busy like a trader...when a investor has to become busy like a trader he needs least a billion rupees to do my question would be how to get a good reputation in society?ho to do PE style investing?make fellow Associates etc...the question might be quite confusing try to solve...

Thanks in advance..

everyone has same brain , it all depends upon how you use it , let me finish your whole topic in one thing , market has very deep breadth and if you understand it you will enjoy good profit , start doing research about market , though it will take a month or two but will emerge as a winner after the research you made , and if you does not understand anything just ask here , you will get your problem solved