Astrology finance

what are the things we can learn in astrology finance,
require your input

Nothing. No basis for astrology other than cognitive errors.

You need to learn astrology first which is a huge topic in itself.

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Once a week, I learn something new from this forum. Today Astrology finance. Made me read this topic.

Jupiter is the planet associated with prosperity and money.

Venus represents wealth or money as it rules the second house of wealth in the natural zodiac.

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Most of what comes in the media including sun sign, moon sign interpretations are very generic and vague. There are just 12 sun signs and 12 moon signs and there are about 8 billion people. So 0.66 billion people per sign. Its that generic. As for Pariharas what ever material process one can do to foster a belief that it will create a positive outcome is likely to work.

Jupiter signifies wealth. Jupiter is the natural karaka (doer) for 2nd house (wealth), 9th house (fortune), 11th house (gains)

Venus signifies relationships and material possessions (land, buildings, vehicles, jewellery etc etc, things we can buy, enjoy and experience with money unlike jupiter who helps in accumulation of money). Venus is the natural karka of 7 th house (Marriage, Business relationships etc).

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Boss please read my kundali and tell me why i don’t succeed in my ventures. My humble request.

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I am not yet confident about my kundali reading abilities… :grimacing:

By the way what ventures did you venture into ?

@Gnome instead of reading your chart I thought I will give some directions on how you can read your chart yourself. Since over DM u said u r learning astro this would be good educational project for you.

  • Download Jagannatha hora astro software. I don’t know of a free or paid astro software that can outdo this free software in almost all aspects of charting and predictive tools.

  • Set ayanamsa to pushya paksha ayanamsa not lahiri while casting your chart.

  • See your 5th house (house of speculation and stock market in general) and whether the lord of 5th has a relationship with 11th house (gains) in D-10 (Dasamsa the divisional chart for vocation)

  • See the strength of your 5 th lord in D-10

  • See your first house (self) in D-10 and see whether the lord is strong and if it wires you for persistence

You are likely to find out in astro terms how hard u need to work to make the stock market work for you.

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In my opnion, nobody can predict future so astrology is useless subject to learn.

The world runs with probabilistic science where outcome of an event is not certain but is probable. Astrology also falls into that class of science.

In an age where there were no space stations or space telescopes or super computers there came knowledge that cannot be ignored or undermined.

Comparing the brilliant work of our ancient scholars to the retarded version of what remains today is silly.

While part of the brilliant work has been lost there is part of it left to be acknowledged and used.

Which kundli is more accurate? Chandra kundli or Lagna kundli

Lagna kundali. The mind’s perspective if its not apparent from lagna kundali then it wouldn’t have been ordained to be seen and interpreted. Many of the yogas are related to moon and so seeing with a chandra kundali just helps in easier interpretation but it is possible to do the same with the lagna kundali.

God knows what will happen if humans ever visit other stars.

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More gyaan certainly :laughing: