ATR trailing stop loss


Is anyone using ATR based trailing stop loss? If so it would be great if somebody can share their experiences…

How to use 'ATR TRAILING STOPS' tool?

ATR is a proxy for volatility identification. Check this chapter for more info on ATR - and this video for knowing more on volatility -


Search for “Chandelier Exit” in the google. You can easily code it & use it.


All this is possible if you follow few stocks regularly and stick to those stocks.

If we select different stocks daily doing these calculations are difficult. Most data vendors are offering these analytical tools for premium. The same can be done by Zerodha too for a fee.

ATR as indicator
Open Interest as Indicator
Implied Volatility for Nifty Index as Indicator.
Nifty Premium as Indicator


thanks everyone. can anyone share tradescript for chandelier exit? It would be great of zerodha can add that to Kite chart.


Does anyone know the calculations used by Zerodha in ATR trailing stops?


I can surely say that the indicators provided charting platform is completely waste, because ALL the indicators are just mathematical transformation of price (OHLC + V) & completely dependent on timeframe & period selected. How can you trust them?