Atul Auto has touched all time high in 2015 but now its pat and sales both are much better than 2015 levels then why it is down approx 40% from its all time high

As we can see that both sales and pat have increased for the company as compared to 2014levels, then why the company(Atul auto) has made its all time high 671 as on 15jan2015. And is trading low(Approx 38%down from its high) currently in-spite of good balance-sheet as compared to 2014-15year. Below is the screenshot of the same, pl help me understand if there is any logic in this.

One possibility could be that shareholders / potential investors
were NOT looking at the recent/current performance of a company.
Instead they were looking for companies with high growth opportunities in the near future.

Looking back, the judgement of the shareholders / potential investors appears to have been justified in this case.
After peaking in 2015, ATULAUTO appears to have subsequently under-performed compared to its peers.