Auction Process

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How to participate in auction process? Any link on it would be helpful

Why does Zerodha does not allow retail participant to be a part of auction process?

Retail participation is not allowed by exchange, only trading members can participate in auction market.

Please verify your information before posting anything.

Currently I don’t know if any big broker allows it, said that this is in our list of things to do with low priority as we are working on few other priority things and also allowing to participate in auction needs a big change on our front end and backend systems.

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As a learning , Can you share the video link or the article which shows how it is actually done by the participant. (Not the rules but the actual process) .

Googling didn’t help

Nothing different than normal trading. Separate market watch list will be there and normal bid will be there, if one want to sell they can do it. Mostly illiquid market only.

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Thank you

If this is so . Then . Most of the time , the trade will has to be settled at 20% rule .
So . Most of the time , the seller will be at lose of more 20% . And the buyer will be at more 20% profit ?