Audio Alerts - Urgent Need of the Hour

I love the Sentinal alerts functionality, it really is impressive, reliable and very useful.

After using this feature, I feel Zerodha can easily take this functionality several steps ahead by adding Audio / Voice alerts. I really wonder why this has not been implemented yet.

In my view this feature is sorely needed, since the popup alert often gets missed, when one is not on the desk or over the phone or just plain distracted.

Traders invest/waste several hours daily monitoring markets for several scrips. Several times, when the action takes place, traders are usually experiencing brain fatigue, loss of alertness and energy. This only leads to lost opportunities.

A simple audio/voice alert will help tremendously in tracking multiple scrips and drastically improve the trading experience and profitability.

Looking forward to an positive response and action on this functionality.

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Yep, we are looking into the possibilities.

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Have you tried looking at Windows Accessibility features which read out notifications for people who have difficulty seeing ? That might be a solution. Its called Windows Accessibility - but you need to do your own configuration and check if this works for you. But can certainly help I think.

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Wat about brokerage charges sir? Want free lunch that too with never ending list of exotic desserts?

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Thanks for the suggestion. Shall surely check this out.

available on Pi already

I have already switched to Finvasia for similar reasons why I came to Zerodha :slight_smile:

Does finvasia have audio alerts?
I’m looking for real time audible alerts on desktop and mobile both for Stocks and futures.

Zerodha Pi has audio alerts, when any of your order is executed. It reads out the order details such as stock name and price. It’s available only on desktop. And no, I don’t think it can be used for alerts like Sentinel.

Talking about Finvasia, it has absolutely 0 brokerage across all the segments. It surely helps a lot in breaking even in options