Auto Buy & Sell


I want to know a process. I am a beginner so might sound incorrect, but I have question for selling and buying automatically.

For example I wanted to buy PANAFIC
Current Cost is 6.58

So I want to set a BUY trigger before day trading starts, and that trigger should buy 20 unit as soon as it reaches 6.40
And also want to set a SELL trigger as soon as it reaches 6.60 in a same day. Is that possible in kite?

Girish, yes you can use a bracket order, but you can only place this order once the market opens. You can check out the explainer video on how to place a bracket order.

Thanks bhuvanesh. Actually I am beginner so learning these technical terms.

Can you please ker me know what does squaring off at 3:20 means? If I haven’t made any profit then what will happen?

Hi Grrish, Trading will close in current market price. To equal sell and buy qty.
Example. Bought 500 shares of ICICI in 320Rs per share. In intraday we have to sell 500 shares to close this trade.
If these 500 shares not sold before 3.20 PM. It will square off with current market price.

Is there any issue with BO placed today morning, please suggest so that I do not make mistake in future

Status message RMS:Blocked for bse_cm BO block type: ALL

Please read my above questions.

As far as I know.( any1 can correct me if wrong)
Bo Co don’t work in pre- market sessions.
Not all stocks can be traded with BO N Co orders as they are mis products n mis is not enabled for all stocks listed under NSE n bse by broker zerodha.
You can trade via CNC though.