Auto Pledge: Is it Legal?

Hi All,

My units are getting auto pledged on credit, i.e., the timestamp of credit and pledging is showing exactly the same.
Of course, Im not providing OTP authorization to pledge it.
Should I be worried regarding the broker? Can someone please help me understand the rules regarding pledging?

I have contacted CDSL and broker regarding the issue. CDSL points its finger to broker and broker has not responded yet.

PS: Zerodha is not the broker. And broker is prompt enough to unpledge the units on highlighting the issue.


Faced same thing. And I know which broker you are talking about… I have come out from that broker, rather than fighting… That’s why I am sticking with Zerodha, because they have values… and respect towards trader community.

I also know of a broker who initiates pledge request even if we don’t ask for it. And then they keep sending reminders to accept the pledge with OTP. Same day if I have initiated pledge request on zerodha, I get so confused when I get the message from cdsl.

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Hey Jason,
Thanks for sharing your experience.
But I have a more serious scenario.
You get an option to confirm via OTP.
For me, there is no option. They simply pledge it without my consent.

Good choice mate. I will give two weeks for broker to clarify and post that will take a call.

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And which broker are we talking about?

Hey Harsh, POA might not be the issue here. I will follow up with broker, CDSL and also lodge a complain on Score till I get an answer. If nothing comes up within 2 weeks then I will mive out, thats the plan for now.

Tell the name of broker

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