Auto sector revival - Showing extraordinary strength

If someone would have told u , there would be a war - supply chain would get disrupted, crude and other commodity prices will rise drastically , uncertainty about EV and the sales are trending down in lower direction continuously and then ask u which sectors would be affected the most - the answer would be Auto sector.

But, look at how market has reacted —>

This sector has been by far the strongest sector and looking at the way its showing strength in its worst psbl tym - it seems like the upmove is only going to be stronger in the coming months .

We all know that auto is a highly cyclical sector - is the market indicating that the down cycle is coming to an end for the sector?

what do u think ? and what are ur picks in auto space ?

TATA Motors, Mahindra

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Now is the time for looking at auto ancillary stocks like motherson, bharatforge, exide, apollotyre etc…they are ready for 10-15% upside from current level.

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Want to buy SONACOMS but too expensive valuation

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selection is not bad as per fundamentals. It has no pledge shares and promoter group is increasing stake there. Big houses are slowly slowly offloading their stakes but I think after promoter group some value investors are accumulating this share at every dip. Isn’t it a sign of wealth creation in near future?

Chart wise, above 600 we will see fresh breakout which will propel its price up to 850 plus in 2022. But price appreciation is subject to overall market condition though we see highest amount of interest to the only auto sector this year when we saw massive global turmoils.

M&M and Nifty Auto near fresh highs as auto sector is on fire. 100k bookings under 30 mins is :open_mouth:

21000 (Booking fees) *100000 = 210 Crore interest fee amt recd by the co. need to see how much of these 1 lac will get translated to actual sales as M&M CEO said yesterday that that amt is almost equal to 2 year capacity.

Wonder who will wait for 2 years for their car

Autos still very strong. Leading the market along with financials. is it time to take some profits off in this sector considering global slowdown? or will the rally continue?

Now a days , 6 months is common waiting time

Depends. If a company is domestic focused, global slowdown will not impact I guess, unless the clients’ businesses the company caters to are tied to foreign geographies, the opposite of IT scenario. Or if a company has business overseas like Eicher Motors, then it is a different call. One can even try to do some scuttlebutt regarding the domestic sales.

Personally, I would take some profits.

Not sure which way will it go but I will hold these for higher returns. I have stayed invested for past 5 years. Finally it’s giving good returns. If nifty auto goes up another 10 percent from here in less than next 2 months I may start considering booking profits. I have entered at very good levels. I have tatamo at 120 and mnm at 580 to name a few.

JSW would be a interesting entrant in the auto space as they have decent advantage of supply chain having one of the largest presence in steel segment

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