Auto sqare off in intraday

Lets say i have 15k in my account so margin available is 15k
For bank nifty margin requirement is 13k and market price is 27381 and lot size is 40 for cover order type.Now i am going to buy this banknifty but in kite user manual it says for MIS product auto sqare off done when MTM loss is 50% of margin. So at which point my position will be auto sqared off??
1.When MTM loses is 6.5k(50% margin requriment)
2.When MTM lose is 7.5k(50% margin availble)
Please help me i am new to stock market…

I asked similar question sometime ago, maybe this will help.

After buying at 13k my available is 2k .If MTM loses is 1k(as 50% of availble margin) so my position will be auto squared of .Am i right.