Auto square off of MIS strategy

Auto square off at 3:15 pm did not happen and we had to manually do it. Is there any thing I need to do to activate this ??

Hey Mangal,
If you are referring to the equity segment, please note that the auto-square-off time for intraday positions is at 3:20 PM. You may refer to this article for more information. Also, there is no such thing as activating auto square-off by the brokers, as the responsibility of squaring off open intraday positions lies with the client. Therefore, we advise you to square off your intraday positions before the timings mentioned in the above-linked article to avoid the auto-square-off charges of Rs 50 + 18% GST.

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Got it thanks, But I meant about @Streak auto squareoff

Hey @Mangal_Ho

In backtest the MIS strategies exit/square off at 03:15 PM (15:15), and no further trades are considered after 15:15 in the backtest.

However in the live market Streak does not auto-square off any MIS positions or other positions, the auto-square off is done from your broker’s end. During the Live trading, the MIS strategies get expired at 03:20 PM (15:20) by default as this is considered mostly the auto square-off time for the brokers.

If you don’t want the broker to auto square off or the strategies to expire then you can use the candle time feature of streak to create conditions to exit on a specific required time. Refer to the below example exit conditions in the image to exit at 15:15 in a three-minute time frame strategy.

You can learn more about the candle time feature through the following link- Time based Indicators and Settings - Streak Tech