Automated Order Placement / Execution

Hi Nitin,

I want to know if there is some way of automatic order placement available on Pi / Kite platform? What I mean is : if I put the Scrip code / name in excel and mention that within a certain range (say 100 - 105) , as and when price is reached for a stock, then place 10 orders of 20 qty each at a price of 100 (starting) and increment each next order by 25 paise. Also be able to adjust this start price based on Market rate fluctuation in single click, that re-distributes the pricing across all other open orders. I want to do this activity in an excel and it should be interfaced to Pi / Kite platform.




Yes it’s possible.
If you are well versed with excel functions & VBA.
Then you can completely build a trading system and automatic execution of orders with excel.

Refer this


You can also check this reply of similar Query from this page

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It is possible with amibroker also. But you have to know afl well enough.


Does this work only with Kite? Do we have any option for Pi ? And how we place multiple automated orders as in example I stated above.

Kindly help.


Amibroker works with pi not kite

Sorry … is there something available for Pi interface with Excel?

You can use PiBridge.
But it is semi auto and you need to click manually to place order.

Ok Thanks… Where can I get access to PiBridge?


You can activate @

Thanks a lot… will it support the example I had given above. Request to please confirm. And with Rs. 500 pm, will I have access only to PiBridge or KiteXL as well?

It is just API.
You need to code your condition in excel/VBA.
Call the placeorder function of API to place order when the condition is true in excel.rs500 is for PiBridge.

KiteXL is a open source library for kite connect API.
Kite connect API will cost u rs2000/pm

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After following due procedure(installation of kiteXL), i have downloaded the sample excel fire. On the ‘Notes’ worksheet in that excel file, it says the following:

Misc Settings
In Kite Developer Console, Ensure the following
Postback Url :
Redirect Url :
Client Id : Your Client Id

My question is : Where can we find the ‘Kite Developer Console’ mentioned above to make these setting changes.

Please do let me know.


Hi Raghav,

You need to sign-up at

Post sign-up create a kite connect App which will cost you rs2000/pm.

While creating kite connect App, you will be asked the above details.

If you face difficult, contact Zerodha support.

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ok. i tried with the free option and it was able to generate an api key and secret key. now i am receiving another error message which says: Exception Thrown by VBAProject Error: ActiveX component can’t create object

Would you be able to advise me on resolving this error message?


This error indicates that the DLL files are not registered or registered wrongly.

Close all the Excel if Running and make sure that Excel.exe is not showing in Task Manager Process.

Download the Raw DLL files from
and follow the installation notes included.

BTW, the Free API key is for publisher and will not work.

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