Automated Trades with Streak

Is there a way to take trades in my streak strategies automatically handsfree

No. you can create a python program and run it from a cloud machine to make it handsfree.

BUt this is much hassle, Python is hard to learn, and its an expensive option. Streak I found to be much easier


This is possible. Everyone uses this plugin and it does the job. Refer to this link, I found this on the telegram community. How to live trade with streak v4 (Automatic Trading) Algo Trading In India - YouTube

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Thanks man, I’ll check the video

Tried using this today, it is exactly what i was looking for.

But I need to keep my laptop on or this one, any way to use trade rocket on mobile? I have a android phone

You can use trade rocket in mobile with kiwi browser. See this video Do fully automatic trading in zerodha and angel broking easily - YouTube

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I tried this today this also worked fine @Harshil_dave. thanks, man I will try to increase quantity size and try out trades that can create some value for me from tomorrow. Lets hope for the best :v:

Thanks a ton… this is what I was desperately looking for!!