Automatic purchase or SIP of ETF's

Does COIN have feature where i can do SIP in ETF’s??
On particular date of every month ETF’s worth particular amount would be purchased by coin automatically?

ETFs trade on the exchange and are hence available on Kite. You can’t do SIPs in ETFs on Kite, but this is something we are working on.

Any updates here? Or expected time to release?
Sentinel Pro is too expensive for just setting up ETF SIPs.

Smallcase lets you do SIP in ETF with their All Weather Investing (AWI) smallcase, but the catch is that there is a fee of 50 rupees for every SIP/rebalance on this AWI smallcase.

Yeah man, 50 for each transaction isn’t good.

Sharekhan has a feature of stock sip.

You can create your own custom Smallcase of ETFs with a one time fee of Rs.100+GST. There are no charges for subsequent changes, additions, deletions or rebalancing. Rs.50 per rebalance/transaction(?) fee is only for Smallcase’s standard All Weather Smallcase.