Automatic signals for buy and sell

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I am looking for software, which gives automatic signals for buy and sell for NSE and Commodity market  along with real time data ? 

names are welcome form you end...

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We have developed a software, which gives automatic buy/sell signals for Nifty, FnO, Commodities and Currency. We have tested it for 6 years, it gives excellent results. Please contact Ashish: 8805300233

Trading directly based on automatic signals are very risky, people who advertise such software would not tell you details like how much continues loss you will get? How many days you may continue to face loss, what is the maximum loss in a trade? what is the risk reward ratio? 

All they tell you is how accurate their stock tips are. So in order to avoid all these, I have developed an algorithm that would start scanning all stock futures in Indian Equities, picks up the high probability trades based on mathematical models  and triggers an automatic email alerts to the registered users with entry price and stop loss in fraction of seconds.​

You dont need real time data, charts, all you need is a email id to get notified on alerts. Just sit back, relax and trade successfully. check for more details on how to get alerts

Dear Traders

1.  First of all you should understand that all Buy sell signal indicator software tips providers claiming 90-99% returns is total false. These do not work as described. You will loose your hard earned money. They charges Rs 10000 to Rs 25000 per month for tips (Its too Much).

2. In Stock market everybody takes tips. You should have taken tips from CNBC or some business channels or from econamic times news paper or from your friends or from any other source. But every time you get only one message, do not trust these tips providers.

3. They say that learn Analysis of Technical Indicators yourself and then start trading (How much time will it take?). Ok You have learned all technical indicators and its analysis. Still you need some software like Amibroker or Ninjatrader for actively analysing the Technical Indicators. They say do not do not trust these tips providers, make your own AFL Formula, backtest and then trade. How do you know your AFL is correct? Will it give you profits? you are not sure..... You have tried different AFL formulas on your system and result is no real profits.   

4. But for making system of Amibroker with AFL Formula alive and working u need so much of money:-

(a) Monthly cost for buying Amibroker software (Rs 10000+)

(b) Monthly Live Market data (Rs 5000+)

(c) Learning Technical Analysis (How much time u need)

(d) Proven AFL Formula (No body can get it easily)

After having all of the above nobody can guarantee that you can make profits from this systems.

5. My Sincere Advice is DO NOT DFOLLOW THESE AUTOMATIC BUY SELL SIGNALS BLINDLY. Most Importantly You need to follow the GOLDEN TRADING RULES Strictly and trade with Extreme caution, care and descipline.

Regards and Happy Trading

Brother as a user I can say that Live Trade System is a software provider for buy and sell signals along with the real time data feed…
the signals that it is providing is also accurate and cost affective

also their live support is good

you can try out with them

Don’t rely blindly on any such software’s even if you find one. Better to learn AFL coding and create your own trading system with Buy/Sell signals. You might require to download and install Amibroker software for this. Find the below link for some readymade trading systems created using Amibroker: