Automating an order based on time

Say, I have a bunch of buy orders in a basket.
Is there anyway, say, at 10:30, it executes the basket?

But what’s the logic? Isn’t price the criteria ?

Yes you can automate your trade based on time, volume, indicators etc. There are few web/online services and even software which can automate your trades. The web/online services will provide signal to trade on your given time, all orders will be executed in your zerodha account. Bridge between web/online services and your account will be via API that is provided by zerodha. So following step will be needed

  1. Purchase API from zerodha
  2. Configure online services with API details
  3. Deploy and let software do trading
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You can easily do this by using sentinel, check here for example. Once it is triggered you have to just click once, alert will come on to your mobile.

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