Available BSE Indices on Kite

I was looking for BSE BANKEX on KITE. However, I was unable to find it. I want to know whether BSE indices other than SENSEX are available on KITE.

No S&P BSE index other than Sensex seems to available. I tried searching for various supported indices by typing Index in Marketwatch, but no BSE index other than Sensex came up -

Also came across another thread, that had raised a similar query and currently remains unanswered


Thank you for your answer @Prayag. I request @nithin to include BSE indices on Kite. At least BSE BANKEX.

Will add very soon.

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Thank you @siva.

ok. Now I understand why I am not able to see the index for the the underlying of S&P Bharat 22 ETF.

Thanks Prayag. I hope Kite provides these BSE indices soon.