Avanti feed share calculation

I have purchased avanti feed share at 1810 , 8 share and 1 share with 1812 rs.
After split and somethign i dont know what happen, my avg share value is 905.44 while share trading value is 476.50.
Can someone tell me how this much difference ?

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Hi, it’s because of split and bonus after split.
You should have double shares after split (18) and another 1 share for every 2 you have post split (9) as a bonus.
Till now only split shares have been credited to demat account that is why your AVG price is shown as half. Please check the quantity in your holdings.

Bonus shares are yet to be credit , post which your AVG price will come down to around 600 something.

The problem is share price is going down everyday , CMP is 483 and we are loosing money on bonus shares that still haven’t been credited.




Have these yet been credited?
My bonus shares arent yet credited. I don’t get why it is taking this long!

Hy @arpit,

Now share quantities is 27 but price is still 907 around. When it will get avaraged.