Avatar 2 break even figure

All info from Wikipedia page, did not check any links, but having known about James Cameron’s prior movies, I am believing these numbers to be true too.

Budget $350–400 million, so around 2800-3200 crores. And it needs to collect at least $2 billion, around 16,000 crores to break even.

I am almost certain that, even if the movie lacks a great story, audience will be in awe of the VFX, and it will be a cinematic experience like no other.

But the sheer revenue it has to generate to just break even is shattering.

From a pure numbers perspective, and if we consider the project to be a trade, it looks like an insane thing to do.

But Cameron being Cameron, I would not be surprised if the movie makes $2.5-3 billion from the markets the world over, along with other revenue streams like bluray releases, limited editions, merchandise, and what not, it may very well become a profitable venture indeed after some time.

But for now, the numbers are staggering and shattering.

Capital 32000000000, break even 160000000000 :exploding_head:

umm how is breakeven very high compared to budget. I thought budget means the investment made to make the cinema. if financed also the rate cant be that big

There are other costs like promotion, prints etc, promotion costs are very high like sports events, car races, even on airplanes, so the break even is very high.

The first movie made nearly $3 billion, so many years ago. He is counting on atleast that much this time.

I am talking about the release, not the re-releases and other revenue that it will generate.

I am sure, it can be profitable, but he himself said that it has to be in the top 5 movies to break even.

Also, $350 million could just be production cost, excluding other costs, considering the VFX and technology involved.

I thought the break even was double the movie budget. Maybe the 200 to 300 million here is only the budget in making movie and not marketing budget.

Production budget is $350-400 million, and when all other costs are involved, it should make at least $2 billion. Also, we should know how break even is calculated in US, because they have different interest rates and other investment venues.

Aren’t interest rates super cheap in the US?

Their past T-Bills rates were lesser than here, hence their adjusted for inflation is less compared to us.