Axis Healthcare Etf

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Other than coin zerodha , what are the platforms available to buy ETF NFOs. ?

In coin zerodha Axis Healthcare ETF - regular is available. Is there any Axis Healthcare ETF - Direct available ?

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Gowtham S

This ETF doesn’t have any plan/options available. The following can also be confirmed from the Scheme Information Document (SID) for this ETF (Page 52) -

MF Schemes that offer plans and options have to mention it in the scheme’s SID. For example, check this scheme’s SID (Page 67) -


ETFs don’t have regular and direct plans. That’s only for mutual funds.

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Hey @Bhuvan why is this not available on the NFO section on Coin ? Even the ICICI healthcare is also not available.

Hi , check the same in ETF & SGB of coin zerodha platform. I have did that 2 days before.

  1. You can invest in ETF NFO and SGBs via
  2. You can invest in MF NFO via