Back test this afl

I want back test results of the following afl from Jan 2015 to till date for NF and BNF.

SetChartBkColor(ParamColor("Outer panel color ",colorLightYellow));

SetChartBkColor(ParamColor("BackGround Color", colorDarkGrey));

no =  Optimize("TSL",Param("A (Change To Optimise)",10, 1, 55 ,1),1, 55 ,1);

multiplier1 =  Optimize("Multiplier1",Param("B (Change To Optimise)",5, 1, 55 ,1),1, 55 ,1);

multiplier2 =  Optimize("Multiplier2",Param("C (Change To Optimise)",22, 1, 55 ,1),1, 55 ,1);

showvol =ParamToggle("Show Volume","No|Yes");

showtsl =ParamToggle("Show SL Line","No|Yes");

showhl =ParamToggle("Show Day High / Low","No|Yes");

aggressivemode =ParamToggle("Aggressive Mode","Yes|No",0);

CloseAtEnd = ParamToggle("Close Positions EOD", "No|Yes");

ShowBands = ParamToggle("Show Trending Bands", "No|Yes");

supres=ParamToggle("Show Support / Resistance","No|Yes");

ShowCrossover = ParamToggle("Show Crossover", "No|Yes");

AudioAlert = ParamToggle("Human Voice Alert", "No|Yes");

EmailAlert = ParamToggle("E-mail Alert", "No|Yes");

AlertOutput = ParamToggle("Alert Output", "No|Yes");

showtrendline = ParamToggle("Show Trend Line", "No|Yes");

fibs = ParamToggle("Plot Fibonacci Retracement","No|Yes");

text = ParamToggle("Plot Fibonnaci As Text","No|Yes",0);

mktclose=Param("Market Close Time",152500,000000,235959,1 );

showsystemname =ParamToggle("Show System Name","Yes|No",0);

showsitename =ParamToggle("Show Website Name","Yes|No",0);

showenquiryno =ParamToggle("Show Enquiry No","Yes|No",0);

Param_Margin = Param("Margin required (used for backtesting only)", 15,0.001,100,0.001);

Param_LotSize = Param("Lot Size (used for backtesting only)", 1,1,5000,1);

Param_NoOfLots = Param("No of lots normally traded (used for backtesting only)",1,1,10000,1);

FS=Param("MM Price Font Size",30,11,100,1);

Hor=Param("MM Price Horizontal Position",940,1,1200,1);

Ver=Param("MM price Vertical Position",12,1,830,1); 

atsmode =ParamToggle("Basic ATS For Nest Trader","No|Yes",0);

#pragma nocache

#include_once  <\TBTS\>

//Settings for Backtester

SetOption("AllowSameBarExit", False);

SetOption("AllowPositionShrinking", False);

SetOption("FuturesMode", True);



RoundLotSize = Param_LotSize;








ApplyStop(stopTypeTrailing, stopModePoint, DTSL, True, True );

PositionSize = C*RoundLotSize*Param_NoOfLots;


BuyPrice = Close;

SellPrice = Close;

ShortPrice = Close;

CoverPrice = Close;

//End of Settings for Backtester

Can you please recheck portion of your code pasted below. Also include file is missing.

BuyPrice = Close;

SellPrice = Close;

ShortPrice = Close;

CoverPrice = Close;



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