Background color of Kite3

Dear Sir,

Appreciations on Kite3 design.
The following needs your attention.

Sample images from competitor’s site uploaded for reference.

  1. Kite 3 Font color in white background is very feeble. Please increase the darkness and thickness of font. For that when we change to dark background, it doesn’t serve the purpose as the background is not pitch black or blue, for eg, you can take Netdania or Upstox for sample. secondly in dark background the font colors are in light blue which don’t catch the eye and very clear. While everybody is copying your design, there is no harm in emulating their background color. It shall serve the purpose of low visioned people like me. Kindly consider applying bright ivory font on dark background or plain white on dark blue platform, colors which reflect well. Please oblige.
  2. Multiple charts facility is not seen anywhere. Did I miss it or is it not included?