Backtest Result in Pi

Even though i take 2 days as reference for backtest , i get

  1. Total number of trades = 2
  2. Average number of trades per month = 4

Kindly explain me the difference.

Percentage of profit is = 59.574%, on what basis is this calculated?

And then i get 4 results,

  1. Long
  2. Short
  3. Long
  4. Short

(These results change at times)

Now are they the total trades taking place, like first a Buy position and next the sell or what is it?

Some times I get odd number of trades as well , kindly explain me this.

Do not rely on bavktest results fully. Back test is based on previous market movements and maynot be valid for future movements in all cases.

That is something which nobody would rely on, my questions were how are the results determined.
Please go through the questions once again.
Anyways thank you :slight_smile: