Backtest Window

Hi @Streak,

We had option of backtesting stratergy for single day or multiple day… . i see now the backtesting window is now limited to minimum 1 week time period? why is this limitaion done? what is the way to know the backtesting results for one particular day rather than checking manually with order details

Hi @Madhva_Raj1,

Backtesting for 1 day is not recommended, you will find the logic in the following link under “Can I backtest a strategy on a specific day? What is the minimum backtest period?”

You can backtest for the entire period and use Find(Ctrl+F) to check trades for a specific date.

Hi @Krishnendu ,

Agree , backtesting is not recomeded for 1 day… but we dont have choice here, your backtest limitaions are verypoor , where we need to look as cretira manually and check… Scanners do not scan historicals and cant deploy the same in stratergies… hence i need to check manually on nifty / other index movements to take buy or sell call accordingly - hence i need backtesting for particular days.

We had option for backtesting for 1 day… is it disabled now?

We have released an update. Some updates are still under works, we will update once they are released.
You can now convert scanners to a strategy and backtest the same.


Why does @Streak limit backtesting window for one year at a time ? Can’t you give the flexibility to backtest strategies over multiple years ?

Hi @nakrj,

Backtest is limited for number of candles, so that the pnl charts can be renders smoothly, across various net speeds and kind of user devices.
The maximum number of candles per backtest, which tranlate into 1month for 1min, 3month for (x)mins, 1yr for hour candle and 5yrs for day candle.
Having said it we are working on finding new innovative solutions to enable larged backtest windows, and you should be able to see that soon.

Hi @Madhva_Raj1,

Backtesting limitation of dates is put in place to avoid false signals and make it much easier for you get get the right results, to validate for a specific day, just run the backtest with the last day as the day you want to check, and then in transactions log look at the last few trades. We had to put this restrications in place after many continous queries and requests from a large number of clients.

This can be done, in a single click, just click on the convert to strategy button, and automatically your scanner becomes a strategy(if you select the stocks before clicking on the button, then become part of strategy too), and you fill other details(like tp/sl) and backtest. This was recently released as Create Plus, read more about it here
Also these create plus backtest are 10X faster just like scanners, you click and you have the results.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


This is just fabulous, now I am being able to create RSI divergence and more custom strategies.


Hi @Streak ,

Thanks for shring this info,…

Can we use Live scanner converted to stratergy?
I was to scan Nifty 50 stocks morning and automatically deploy in statergies …

Current Problem : Scanner to Stratergy , we can deploy only 25 stocks (basic plan) out of 25 only few might fall to scanner creteria and get executed, as its Scanner to Stratergy, we should have stratergy pick the stocks from live scanner…

Yes, this currently is a manual task, we have in our task list, such that this task can be simplied.

Hi @Streak ,

Can you pls help me unterstand what is wrong in this code.

i have used the same scanner convert to stratergy…
Scan - stocks above 2.5% at 12
Short - the scrips below 12:15 candle low

Hi @Madhva_Raj1,

There is nothing wrong with your strategy, it should run.
This error possibly came as the backtest date range on the create page was set to one year, for 1min candle timeframe.
Just try re-running the backtest with updates date from the backtest page and it should be fine, you can also try clearing cache and doing hard refresh and then running the backtests.