Baid leasing not abe to sell

What happened with baid leasing. I am not able to sell share

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Warning given here already -

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There is not much you or anyone can do to help you now

Circuit will not open for lot of days, until then stock will become less than half

Only good advice one can give you is -

  1. JUst try to put the sell order every morning exact 9 AM in pre open, if you are lucky it may sell in next 2-3 days when volumes may still be there

  2. Never try to average, it will never come up

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Actually it was sent through stockaxix platform… they already send me some good stock free advice. I have seen they are giving good return but stockaxis told me it’s fraud someone using our name to send this message.

Baid leasing already created Lower cercuit
& No buyers available
Then not possible to sell without buyers

I’m already trapped , my 6500 capital trapped
I have lost my share market carrier & confident
With this friuad

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Before buying these shares check the share holding pattern.

The share holding info I got from

Promoter holds about 21%
Individual holds around 78 %

No FII, MF or institution holding

Yes I saw but I read one news amalgamation of 2 jaipur companies and profit also increased I thought quarterly return will disclose in few days

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Same case like Premier Synthetics and they also gave “clarification” on exchanges

And what retailers did later? They said our company is hurt by rumors let me average

As I said dont average in this, you can check Premier Synthetics clarification on BSE, and its price volume chart on BSE website

All this clarification etc is part of the game

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I too received this message in two of my numbers.
Just imagine how huge the network is to cheat the innocent people.
(One of the message is received in my mother in law’s number)![quote=“Newbie420, post:2, topic:49450, full:true”]
Warning given here already -


What will happen on 12 November baid will declare their quarterly profit. i think profit of company will up but don’t no what will happen

I think it is company strategy (INSIDER TRADER) to buy back there share at low price. Share will up after declare quarterly results…Might be possible

How to sell this baid leasing stock. It still says trading not allowed for this stock. It’s more than a year I m stuck in this and not able to sell. Plz help if i can sell it offline or through any other mode.