Balance mismatch on a auto square of short intraday trade

To test (hence bought only 1 share) the auto square off on short sale (sold/short by me initially and let system square off automatically at 03:22 pm to be exact)

I bore a loss of 397.10 - 406.50 = -9.4 and this was the exact deduction from my total account fund the same night.

According to the Zerodha brokerage calculator, I should have been charged “Net P&L-9.72” and I received a contract note cum tax invoice on my mail with a final charge of “(9.74)” instead of 9.72 which their online calculator suggests somehow.

But the real deal is that my current balance the next day is not 10,000 (the amount I initially loaded) - 9.74 = 9990.5 but instead ₹9,931.27 instead. So a difference of “59.23” is still missing of which I still have not found any email invoice or charge. Can someone help me figure what exact charges have been deducted and where can I find them on my account?

Okay I read on- “,before%20the%20above%20mentioned%20time.”

“Auto square-off(Call and trade) charges of Rs 50(+GST) apply for each order squared-off by our system. It is recommended that you close your open intraday positions before the above mentioned time.” so that explains the 50.93 rupees as auto square off deduction. Can someone guide me where can I find an invoice for this? Also, why the online calculator showed 9.72 instead of 9.74. Thank in advance : )

When you leave your position open for auto square-off, you are charged Rs. 50 (+GST) for that by Zerodha. The 59.23 mismatch is due to this.

Brokerage Calculator doesn’t count State Stamp Duty while showing you charges, it is levied seperately when final contract note is made that is why calculator showed you 9.72 while on contract note it shows 9.74.

On Console go the Reports > P&L, there you will finds this charge as Other Credits and Debits.

Thank you so much for such a quick reply. It helped a lot-

The other charges still show a zero to me somehow:

Any idea on how long will it take to update there? Thanks again : )

There is some issue with it, will be sorted soon.