Bank Account Link with demat

Can I connect multiple bank account to my demat account??

I assume the context is Applying for an IPO. If so, it should be possible to link demat a/cs to savings a/c (as it is a banking ASBA process). Because there is no way money is transfered to and from a demat a/c (unlike a trading a/c) it should be fine. I have multiple demat a/cs mapped to sbi a/c for IPO but other way should also be possible.

This context is not for IPO.But for General transaction for money from demat to bank account and vice versa.
Plz tell me the procedure to link bank account with demat…

Yes, you can link up to 3 accounts. You can only use secondary banks for pay-Ins and the pay-outs will be processed to the primary bank.To add a secondary bank you need to send us the bank statement/cancelled cheque of the account you wish to link to [email protected].


In Softcopy of my bank account statement of 1 month which I want to link as secondary account, it does not provide MICR and ifsc Code .
But i know the ifsc and Micr Code and mail it to zerodha support along with softcopy of bank statement.
Is it sufficient to link it my new bank account as Secondary account and how many days are required to make it working???

The IFSC and MICR has to be printed on the statement, if it isn’t you can provide a cancelled cheque or a photocopy of your passbook.

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How much time does it take for Zerodha to add the secondary account in Kite after mailing the bank statement / scanned canceled cheque?

Takes one working day.