Bank Nifty Buy Sell on 15min 2nd Candle

I want to entry on 15min 2nd candle of the day.
Buy- When price crossed the 2nd candle high and SL is 2nd candle low.
Sell- Vice-versa .
How to code in streak?
Any software for automatically trade when condition met?

@Streak Can you.

You can use the following condition for the long strategy

can we have a scanner to scan stocks

  1. stocks that close above previous 5 bars high ( on 5 min timeframe )
    2.stocks that close below previous 5 bars low ( on 5 min timeframe )

Please write to [email protected] with a screenshot of the setup.

WILL DO SO… Also is such a thing possible in Pi inbuilt scanner (using tradescript)

Which condition? The screenshot is blank

Yes want to use for Streak

Yes, made the changes.