Bank Nifty constituent stocks price movement and calculation


If any one can help me with the calculation that if HDFC move 1 point then how much BNF will move same for other stocks like Kotak Bank, AXIS and ICICI and what is calculation, how can I calculate. If possible please share the formulae as well.

Thank you.

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You can find the weight at this link and please refer to this link for calculation → Bank nifty contribution points calculation - #8 by Risk.Money

Hi Django,

Thank you so much for the reply. However I’m pretty much interested in the calculation which is done by the website which you sent.

Could you please send the calculation and formulas so that I could create my own excel sheet to calculate the values.

For eg: if hdfc and axis moves 1 point then how much points will be changed by bank nifty

I hate to say but I’m saying anyways.

Looks like you didn’t put minimum effort to calculate it, good for u. I gave u all the information to calculate it, it up to you if you want to do it yourself or wait for easy answer.