Bank Nifty contracts allowed for trading


I’m new to option trading and today i went to short bank Nnifty 26800 CE but got rejected due to strike was out of the range allowed. So i want to ask what should i do if i want to trade in strike outside the allowed range ,should i go for another broker (if yes which one) and how you guys tackle this issue. Also if i have open position already and they reduce the range so i will get chance to square off or not. Please help.


Hello All,

Could you any explain why my order was rejected? (see the attached screenshot)

Also i have checked Zerodha’s F&O Margin Calculator in which i can see the contract which i am trying to buy is available for trading ( Bank Nifty contracts allowed for trading: 30900 TO 31400 CE & PE)

Kindly advise why i am not able to buy them?


Can check this.


Market moves realtime, that page may not be updated realtime.

Bank Nifty fallen 100 pts in few minutes, maybe range down to 31300


Siva, thanks for your reply however in the F&O Margin calculator page it shows that the BNF contracts are allowed from 30900 to 31400 CE and PE… My question is where i can check which contracts are available for trading for the day?


Thanks Newbie… that makes sense and i believe there is no way we can learn which contracts are available for trading real time?

  1. If 31400 not working, try 31300

  2. Sometimes, when u try same one - 31400 - it executes in the 2nd or 3rd try.

Because NSE has broker-wise limits, so it may change real time and sometime it executes order when we try same option later.


What’s the reason for nse to cap brokers at 15 percent of total open interest?