Bank nifty futures technical view help

good evening friends,
i have made tech analysis of bank nifty futures.need help with your views.

my trade:
buy: 25600-25750
Sl: 25499
tgt: 26400-26500

worst risk : reward= 1:3
best risk to reward= 1:10

pts included: increasing rsi
increasing macd
fibbonaci retracement and extension taken into consideration.

Is the target for 15 th feb or 28th feb expiry?

My view is like this Bank nifty will pull back up to the marker on chart 26227/26142, .I think Bank nifty is still in a correction mode . my entry point is 25685/ 25925/ TGT - 26142 Risk:Reward is 1:2
Plus points : MACD , RSI & moving averages are in Favorable to up side CHART

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The target is for next few days .

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