Why today 11th may weekly expiry 45000 CE had 0.05 as lower circuit limit while 46000, 47000, 48000, 49000, 49500 had 3.95, 2.90, 2.30, 1.60, 1.35 as lower circuit limits respectively ???.

Yes, even i observed this today. Good catch.

Its not an anomaly. Always far OTM lower circuit will not be set to 0.05 until wednesday.

This may be kept to discourage HFTs or Algos to keep lower circuit of 0.05 as buy order on farther strikes and trap some naive traders who would put a market order on a low liquidity/depth

This has happened for the first time with me. Never faced this issue earlier.I had good profits in 46000 strike price but due to circuit limit of 3.95, prices were not coming down. ideally 46000 strike price should have closed around 2.50. ultimately had to hedge it through buying 45000 strike price at Rs. 4.30.


Yes you are right, there werent enough bidders due to this. I think you should notify this to the exchange.

Revising my earlier comment to “This is an anomaly”