Bank Nifty Weekly options in kite

What is the ticker for Bank Nifty weekly options in Kite.

can you please explain for a better response

Just type the strike price , it will start listing out the options.

Thanks Vijender,my question was how do I search for Bank Nifty Weekly Options. Currently when I search I get various strike prices and expiry but I am unable to see the Weekly Options

just enter the strike price, the results you see with dates as 4th jan 25500ce are weekly option, and which are without date as jan 25500ce are monthly option.
in banknifty monthly option are very less traded and very high premium for first three week
main trading happens in weekly options only, and for buying they are very overvalued, good for selling only,
but selling needs a lot of study because banknifty is very volatile, even 1000 points movement can be seen intraday

in brief avoid monthly options, they are traded only in last week


Thanks this solves my queries


even 1000 points Intraday ? thats 4% of 25000.
I dont think I have ever seen that. Did you mean 100 points ?

sorry weekly