Bankbees haircut jumped from 20% to 40%?

Hi Zerodha RMS Team,

Why is the pledging system showing Bankbees margin haircut as 40%? On your haircut shared excel sheet, it shows haircut as 20%. Based on that i sold my banking stocks which have haircuts varying from 20% to 40%, to now see on your pledging site on console, having Bankbees at 40%.

Please do revert back and correct it, as Index like Banknifty should have lower volatility compared to individual banks.

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Haircut is not decided by broker, it is by clearing corporation who offers margin.

Thanks @siva, should this not be raised to clearing corporation? This just does not make any sense.

Meanwhile please see how can we keep that haircut excel sheet upto date, as i based my calculation based on it.
Only after BankBees got credited into my account i got see that haircut is 40% while that excel sheet is still showing 20%.

Meanwhile if this is set by clearing corporation, do we have a real time file version from them? Or this is exclusively for brokers only?