Banking Account Maximum Limit

What is the Difference Maximum Transation Limit For NEFT OR CHEQUS Between Current Account and Savings Bank account. ?

For NEFT, bank imposes a specific limit say ICICI imposes 10 lakhs as maximum.

SBI, they limit upto 5 lakhs,

But as per RBI, there is no maximum limit,

There is no difference between Current and Savings account with respect to NEFT limits.
Cheques, I believe would be limited (having lesser limit) when compared to NEFT online.

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OK Thk U Cheqes Limit ?

For cheques, I am not sure. High Value Clearance Cheques as high as 10 lakhs also can be made.
Also, In some banks Savings and Current Account will have difference in funds transfer through NEFT.
Like in SBI, I think Current Accounts can even transfer upto 50 lakhs while savings account will have limit of 5 lakhs. Always current account will have some upper hand with respect to limits as that is a dynamic account.