Banknifty doubt/Zerodha app

Hi Friends,

I have a doubt on zerodha putting a limit on banknifty margin. For example, today (that is friday 14/2/19), morning the zerodha site said margin allowed for banknifty was 26500-27200. Suppose I had bought a few lots at 27200 CE … then at 12pm, zerodha site updated saying the margin was shifted to 26400-27100. Does that mean I wouldnt be able to sell what I had already bought in the morning at 27200 CE??? So basically zerodha will force me to make a loss???

I just want to understand how this works.

No. its not like that. if you already have 27200ce then you can very well sel. but once the range is shifted down to 27100ce you can’t buy 27200ce again unless the range is shifted to include 27200ce

Thanks so much, Vikki. I was worried about that.