Bar replay feature

Guys, I need to replay the market candles with multiple frames. I use 5 min and 1m charts. Now I want to replay both of them so as to experience the real market environment

Please let me know any platform available

U mean mixed chart with 1 min n 5 min candles?

no i mean like we do multi time frame analysis , something like that

hv you got any replay software

Try Amibroker. It has replay facility available.

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Trading view paid version also have ‘Bar Replay’ feature.

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Hi Alex_R, Amibroker has got a replay for TF - daily on-wards…don’t see a replay for 1 min.

In MT4 by GCI , there are few stocks coded to get the data. But don’t see Bank Nifty Spot included.

Has anyone tried to code to add the Bank Nifty in MT4?

I guess we can replay in MT4 easily.

Please recheck.

Hi Alex_R, Ta